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Carol L. Stimmel - Media Interview

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We must come to terms with the fact that whatever we do to maximize resource efficiency, improve transportation, or optimize our towns and cities, must be done within the context of what people need the most to thrive.



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Controlled Environment Agriculture

Controlled Environment Agriculture

Agriculture is a very conservative sector with many barriers to change and an inertia where “traditional” methods persist. Nevertheless, the drivers for transformation are more compelling. Movement towards protected agriculture is already surging worldwide, and soilless cultivation is riding that wave. The worldwide market value of hydroponically and aquaponically produced food will grow at 7.0 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the five-year forecast period from 2015 to 2023. This is a healthy pace compared to world gross domestic product (GDP) growth, which has ranged from 2.5 to 4.0 percent since the Great Recession.

This report provides a competitive assessment of the hydroponic and aquaponic food production market and the forces shaping it, the technologies and skill sets involved, and some key players and their prospects. It also covers important issues and trends affecting agriculture and food security that make soilless agriculture a viable and growing market—in particular, global phenomena like climate change that transcend any given market or firm—and identifies strategies and tools for risk mitigation and a sustainable, profitable path forward.

This report may be acquired for the investment cost of $1,200 USD. “The Soilless Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) Industry: Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Issues, Crop Values, and Market Forecast Through 2023” is available only under our Enterprise License agreement. This is our most flexible license, and allows for distribution across your company (license details are provided at purchase). Purchase now and you will be taken directly to our secure gateway. Once your payment is authorized, a link to the file will immediately be emailed to the email address provided at checkout (always check your spam folder if you do not see this file soon). If you are a previous purchaser of our 2013 Hydroponics Market Forecast, please contact the company directly for a discount code.

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The HEM Market Unraveled

The HEM Market Unraveled

  • Bryan Jungers: Author
  • Carol L. Stimmel: Founder and Managing Director

How Techno-Fetishism Unraveled the HEM Market and How Services Will Mend It

Over the last decade, many analysts have continued to produce myriad Home Energy Management (HEM) market forecasts, yet they have largely failed to materialize. This is because there has been a widespread belief among industry thought leaders that with enough education, proof, and insight of the negative impacts of energy wastage on the environment and the consumer wallet and information about how to change it, that home energy management technologies would simply take hold. This has been as effective as feeding cauliflower to a child who doesn’t like vegetables. The reason that these models have not risen to the level of expected buoyancy is a poor recognition of the emerging role of the service sector that increasingly drives the North American consumer purchasing decisions, including technology for the home.

Our expectations for the future of the HEM market represent a radical departure from this classic model – rather than relying on people to adopt gadgets and new habits, we see a more natural progression in the delivery of HEM services via channels to the home that customers already use and trust.

In the context of home services, total consumer demand for energy management is likely to expand rapidly relative to the limited market reach of product-only channels. We anticipate that the HEM market spending potential in North America via the dominant delivery channels will reach an annual value of $2.2 billion in 2022 and a cumulative market value of $15 billion in the 8 years forecasted, beginning in 2015. Because we are defining a shift from one market scenario to another, we have leveraged a normal baseline from the existing work in the field and driven our model from a familiar point-of-view. These channels include home entertainment, security, new construction, upgrades and retrofits, as well as utility services or programs.

However, we strongly assert that a continuing perspective of techno-fetishism will result in missed opportunities for market offerings that provide the value that consumers are actually seeking within the context of services. In fact, given current market characterizations for HEM, by around 2020 we expect those forecasts to be approaching saturation, whereas the economic shift to advanced services will likely be experiencing the beginning of a sharp rise. With this improved interpretation, we calculate that we will experience a healthy CAGR of 11.8% for the true HEM market beginning in 2015 through 2022.

This report may be acquired for the investment cost of $199 USD. “How Techno-Fetishism Unraveled the HEM Market and How Services Will Mend It” is available only under our Enterprise License agreement. This is our most flexible license, and allows for distribution across your company (license details are provided at purchase). Purchase now and you will be taken directly to our secure gateway. Once your payment is authorized, a link to the file will immediately be emailed to the address provided at checkout.

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Advanced Lighting for Indoor Agriculture

Advanced Lighting for Indoor Agriculture

  • Bryan Jungers: Author
  • Carol L. Stimmel: Founder and Managing Director

A wide and growing array of commercially available lighting equipment is now being designed, manufactured, and marketed directly for use in controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) applications. CEA involves the use of technologies and techniques to protect and improve the cultivations of commercial agriculture. The reliable evaluation of performance for lighting-product performance is complicated by the diversity of technologies, the many variations in product design that “enhance” existing technology, and the wide variety of approaches to equipment and systems integration for commercial CEA applications. Today, poor product specifications and performance details are inconsistent from one manufacturer to the next, making the direct comparison of relative performance attributes like operational energy usage nearly impossible.

Within controlled agricultural environments, there is a growing demand for technology that will ensure consistently high crop yields and growth quality, energy, water, nutrients, labor, and reduced time to complete a grow cycle. this practical report explores lighting for its role in precision, high-yield indoor horticultural operations and provides fact-based insights for investors, product, and operators.

This report may be acquired for the investment cost of $344 USD. “Advanced Lighting for Indoor Agriculture” is available only under our Enterprise License agreement. This is our most flexible license, and allows for distribution across your company (license details are provided at purchase). Purchase now and you will be taken directly to our secure gateway. Once your payment is authorized, a link to the file will immediately be emailed to the address provided at checkout.

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Big Data Analytics Strategies for the Smart Grid

  • This book provides an in-depth analysis that will help utility executives, as well as regulators, investors, large power users and entrepreneurs, understand some of the tectonic changes coming to an industry that from the outside can seem impervious to change. Making sense of a chaotic future, Carol charts a path where everyone can benefit

    Amit Narayan, PhD, CEO, AutoGrid
  • Not only will adopting big data and predictive analytics improve the transmission and distribution of energy, it more importantly will enable providers to adopt a services mentality. In her exceptional book, Carol examines these trends and breaks down very complex topics into prose that is easy to understand. I highly recommend this book to anyone in the energy industry…

    Adrian Tuck, CEO, Tendril
  • Ms. Stimmel provides the framework, methodology, insight, and experiential observations to help utilities conceive, plan, implement, enhance, and sustain the imperative smart grid analytics required to achieve the inexorable change taking place in the energy delivery ecosystem.

    Ivo Steklac, GM Residential & Commercial Energy Solutions, SunPower Corporation
  • The author has done an excellent job of leveraging her experience in the industry and her strong technical background to create a book that is a very easy-to-read, useful tool for anyone trying to get started in applying big data analytics to the utility industry.

    Ron Gerrans, CEO, Genus Zero and former CEO, E Source

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Building Smart Cities: Analytics, ICT, and Design Thinking

  • Ms. Stimmel lays out the problems associated with the current trajectory of the development of smart cities concisely, and  provides a cogent argument for how applying design thinking to this domain will improve the likelihood of enabling people in urban environments “to be productive, socially connected, and economically successful.

    Anne P. McClard, PhD, UX Research and Design Lead, Intel Corporation
  • Carol Stimmel has penned a book not just to be read by city planners, engineers or technology experts. This narrative is for all of us — the artist, a student, the farmer, a banker. Ms. Stimmel’s voice resonates in deeply human prose and debate, relevant to our humanity today, the past and most succinctly, our collective future.

    John Stanmeyer, American photojournalist, National Geographic
  • Ms. Stimmel’s approach helps avoid mistakes [in building smart cities] by taking a fresh look at how people are affected and how lives can be improved when technologists are armed with new tools. This book should be required reading for politicians, sociologists, urban geographers and technologists who intend to build the cities of the future

    Clarke Stevens, Principle IoT Architect, CableLabs
  • With lucidity, grace and compassion, and an arsenal of Big Data behind her, Carol Stimmel firmly and unequivocally argues that human beings need to be an integral part of the design and development of their cities, and that cities should belong to the people and be governed by the people, not by machines and algorithms.

    Jude Smith Rachele, PhD, Co-Founder and CEO of Abundant Sun
  • This is a critically important book…our technology and device centric approach to building smart cities of the future will need to give way to a human-centric approach if we are going to build metropolises in which the 50% of the world’s population that lives in urban areas can thrive. [Stimmel] asks the right questions and provides practical approaches to developing these solutions.

    Nicole Poindexter, Founder and CEO, Energicity

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  • Carol Stimmel brings a fresh perspective to everything in which she is involved. Her vast knowledge and expertise allows her to develop innovative solutions that add real value to clients and further the growth of the cleantech industry. Carol challenges you to think beyond your comfort zone until the right solution is found.

    Wendy Potomski, Managing Director, Brookstone Strategy Group
  • Manifest Mind’s The Greening of Marijuana Growing: Energy Efficiency & Conservation in the Cannabis Industry is a seminal report on this rapidly-evolving industry. Insightful, informative and constructive, this report highlights the challenges and portrays a vision for finding a meaningful path forward.

    Rich Barone, CEO, Croptimize
  • The team’s insights and enthusiasm are invaluable, and Carol is one of the top analysts in the energy industry. I admire her dedication to working with both energy providers and technology vendors to navigate our evolving market.

    Brad Langley, Director of Corporate Communications, Tendril
  • Engerati’s partnership with Manifest Mind has been created through a shared passion for knowledge. This opportunity has allowed us to award our community with deeper coverage of the fast moving data analytic space, through Manifest Mind’s comprehensive industry reports and insights.

    Adam Malik, Content Director, Engerati
  • Instead of reading ten different reports you can just read this one to get up to speed quickly on the worldwide hydroponic industry. This is a detailed report that provides important and hard-to-find insights on the current and future state of the worldwide hydroponics industry.

    David E., Strategy Consultant, North America
  • I want to thank you for speaking at our workshop…You did a great job getting the day started by provoking questions and discussions with the group. 

    Technology Manager, U.S. Department of Energy
  • Carol is a very strong operator with the ability to manage a very diverse team. She is able to identify core problems, work through solutions to those problems and implement them quickly having an immediate impact on the business.

    Ron Gerrans, CEO, GeoLens
  • Carol is a broadly educated and experienced individual. Her work is exemplary and her ability to think critically and creatively help her to formulate solutions to problems considered otherwise intractable. She is a delight to work with, having a keen sense of humor along with deep insights about people, organizations and management.

    George Deriso, Mentor and Adjunct Professor, Cosmos Partners and the CU Leeds School of Business

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